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Roxanne Minott

Counsel for the Indigent

The indigent have, historically, received inadequate legal representation, and recently, there was a class-action lawsuit that claimed New York State had failed to offer sufficient legal defense to the poor in many counties. Governor Andrew Cuomo settled the lawsuit by … Continue reading

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Matthew Izzi

Prosecutors Must Stop Sending Innocent People to Jail

This time last year, for the first time in history, a prosecutor was jailed for knowingly sending an innocent man to jail, highlighting a new trend in criminal justice. In recent years, there has been a steady steam of stories surfacing about instances … Continue reading

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Matthew Konecky

Can Police Stop You for the Color of Your Car?

Does the color of your car match the description on your registration? If not, you may be worried that the police could pull you over. A recent ruling by the Florida Supreme Court, however, has established that this scenario is … Continue reading

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Roxanne Minott

Mandatory Retirement for Partners

Mandatory retirement, or enforced retirement, is the age at which people are required by industry standards or by law to retire from employment. There may be valid reasons for such a requirement—specifically in jobs that involve physical labor or physical … Continue reading

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