LegalMatch Reviews

Reviews of LegalMatch Marketing Services by Member Attorneys

John Smitten: council loans “I practice primarily marital and family law in the Clearwater, Florida area.  I have been a subscriber to LegalMatch for at least the past five years, and from my experience this is the best service available to connect potential clients and attorneys.” 

David Bliven: “I have been using Legalmatch for nearly 13 years.  It was indeed one of the very first web-based legal marketing tools I used.  …Not only do I recommend the site to potential clients with legal issues, I also recommend it to other lawyers to increase their business.”

Matthew Konecky: “With LegalMatch I have control. I respond to the clients I want, when I want to, and how I want to.”

Alan Rosenak: “Eight years with LegalMatch online marketing has been an excellent marketing investment: We recoup our costs and easily increase our yearly income over costs by at least 100% to 200% lender direct payday loans each year.”

Cody Gibson: “Over the 3 years of having a membership,  I have signed up nearly 100 clients thanks to LegalMatch.”

VQ Legal Team: “We have had a long time relationship with LegalMatch and we are renewing our contracts this year to continue this positive working relationship.”

Peter LaSorsa: “There are so many websites that claim to match clients and attorneys. In my opinion, LegalMatch is the best at doing this.”

Lori Strobl: “I’ve been using LegalMatch to help market my practice in the area of Employment Law since 2007. It’s never easy finding new clients, but LegalMatch removes much of the hassle I’ve encountered with other marketing strategies.”

Charles Damian: “In 2010, I subscribed to the Real Estate category of LegalMatch advertising; this subscription has now expanded into several other areas of the law. This advertising has resulted in the growth of my cash factory loans kelowna business, and diversification of my legal interests.”

Doug Nelson: “I was initially cautious, but the subscription paid back relatively quickly, and my return on investment even in slower months is still at least 3:1.”

James Noll: “I have been a LegalMatch partner for over 15 months. I attribute much of my work over the last year to LegalMatch. …When I get a LegalMatch referral notice via email I am excited that it could be a new client that will lead to new business.”

Daniel Shamy “I was pleasantly surprised over not only the volume of leads, but the substance of the leads I was receiving.”

Reviews by member attorneys can also be found around the web. For example, reviews have recently been posted on Quora and on Yahoo Answers.


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