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Roxanne Minott

Liability of Law Firms for Defective Chairs

In New Jersey, a state appeals court recently ruled that a law firm was not negligent when a client fell from a chair. In May 2010, a man and his wife visited a law firm for a deposition. The husband was seated in … Continue reading

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Roxanne Minott

Mandatory Retirement for Partners

Mandatory retirement, or enforced retirement, is the age at which people are required by industry standards or by law to retire from employment. There may be valid reasons for such a requirement—specifically in jobs that involve physical labor or physical … Continue reading

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Matthew Izzi

Why First Amendment Hype Is Usually Bogus

Reading any given newswire can quickly highlight a fundamental misunderstanding about the First Amendment. Confusion has been rampant for issues surrounding the Westboro Baptist Church, the Hobby Lobby debacle, and recent issues in Houston. The problem is, for these and … Continue reading

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Brandon Rose

Adam Carolla’s Crowd Funding Campaign Disrupts Patent Troll’s Hopes of Easy Money

Companies who viciously litigate patents, known as patent trolls, often extract easy money by bullying startups and small businesses. In most instances, this tactic would have worked for Personal Audio. However, they evidently didn’t know what they were getting into … Continue reading

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Roxanne Minott

Extrinsic Evidence Can No Longer Alter the Terms of Trust Instruments

Prior to January 1st, 2014, the law forbade extrinsic evidence from changing the terms of a written contract. The parol evidence rule states that a court will not contemplate any evidence beyond the four corners of a written contract to change … Continue reading

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Kristen Johnson

Injured on Someone Else’s Property? How Much You Recover May Depend on Your “Category”

When you get injured on someone else’s property, you may be wondering whether or not you should be stuck with your own medical bills.  Before you can decide if you are even entitled to damages, you must figure out if … Continue reading

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Jason Cheung

Qualifying For California’s Medical Marijuana Defense

Marijuana is a harmless substance. Marijuana, in fact, demonstrates anti-cancer properties, making marijuana healthier than other legal drugs, like tobacco.  Although the state of California continues to prosecute innocent people who use, possess, grow, or transport marijuana, the citizens of … Continue reading

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